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16 August 2017

For years there have been numerous studies on where and when burglars strike and how they break in. Although they slightly differ from one another, many suggest that the majority of home break-ins occur through doors. Remember, the burglar needs a way to get out with your valuables. Criminals simply gain entry by kicking in doors. This is a common practice among home invaders and burglars, as they know that it doesn't take much more than a few forceful kicks or body slams to thwart a standard locked door free of its door jamb. They also know that a lot of homeowners rely on nothing more than standard door locks and deadbolts for security.

They old adage that knowledge is power can certainly be applied here. So if we know our homes are most vulnerable at our entrance doors, then it only makes perfect sense to learn about home door security and do whatever is necessary to try and eliminate that weakness for our safety, security-and our peace of mind.

Door Jamb Reinforcement Systems and Security Door Braces don't require deadbolt upgrades to be effective. These mechanical systems utilize the strength of the door opening to produce an incredibly strong barrier. These devices are also maintenance-free. They are manufactured using specialized rust-resistant materials. There are minimal maintenance issues to worry about over time.

All it takes is a little investigating to understand why reinforcing the front door of your home is important. Locked doors are a common and preferred method of entry among burglars and other criminals, leaving residents at risk for home invasions, burglaries, and other heinous crimes. Reinforcing your home door security is an effective and affordable way to secure your home and protect you and your family; and give you the added peace of mind knowing the likelihood of your doors being breached by a burglar has been addressed adding by investing in your family’s safety and security.

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Home Door Security: Door Jamb Reinforcement

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