Google tweaks testing tool

Google tweaks testing tool

Google has updated its mobile speed testing tool (, which times how long your site takes to download on phones and tablets, and offers advice based on its results. The new version estimates the number of mobile visitors you may be losing (apparently, mobile users only wait seven seconds for a website to appear) and how your speed compares to other sites offering similar content. Speed isn’t everything but if you stay on top of your site’s download speed, you won’t lose potential visitors unnecessarily.

Which WordPress to choose?

If you want to start a new website, most people will recommend you use WordPress, but there are two versions so which do you choose? is the one you have to install on a server via a paid-for web host, though most now offer a one-click installation service or do it for you. is hosted by WordPress, so all you need to do is make an account. The hosted ‘.org’ version is a lot more flexible and customisable than the ‘.com’ version, but if you’re still not sure, WPBeginner has a very useful breakdown of the differences at

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